How TRINNY London Is Building A Global Customer Base



All businesses have two things in common. They start life as a tiny seed of an idea which the founder nurtures with discipline, skill and care – whether the company is bootstrapped from the kitchen table or is fortunate to secure capital investment. And all businesses aim to build a loyal customer base, whether that’s locally, nationally or globally.

In my most recent articles, I’ve been using the example of one of my brand crushes, TRINNY London to share insights into its business strategy. A key strategic objective for TRINNY London is to build its customer base as quickly as possible and seize a significant share of the market it’s targeting. In this case, women aged 40 and above who buy premium makeup products.

One of the strategies the company uses to expand its customer base beyond the UK is called ‘augmented promotion.’ Augmented promotion is where you quite simply dramatically increase your promotional activity in order to generate dramatic and significant results. A focused launch event is a great example of a popular market penetration strategy such as ‘augmented promotion.’

‘TRINNY London On Tour’ is a brilliant example of an augmented promotion strategy, designed to increase market share rapidly and build the company’s customer base. The latest ‘TRINNY London On Tour’ took place in Dublin last week, with the next one in Stockholm at the end of April. Members of the ‘Trinny Tribe’ have been asked to vote, through Survey Monkey, on where the tour should go after that event.

We can draw a number of lessons from the way the company is using this ‘TRINNY London On Tour’ strategy to build its customer base. For example the recent Dublin launch took place over a long weekend, and comprised of the following activities:

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Here are 5 things that jumped out me as I observed the company’s recent Irish launch:


As part of its expansion plans, the decision to launch TRINNY London in Dublin was logical for three key reasons.

  • The Irish market accounts for a significant proportion of TRINNY London sales.

  • Irish women know Trinny Woodall well from her What Not To Wear Days, and her book tours.

  • A large percentage of her followers on social media are Irish, meaning it was easy to target them as part of a digital marketing campaign.

=> Where do you have a concentration of followers and/ or customers from which you can build? Could you use a ‘augmented promotion’ strategy to drive rapid results?


This Dublin launch was planned very well in advance for optimum results. We know this because TRINNY London partnered with renowned Dublin store, Brown Thomas, to run a masterclass and weekend pop up event.

=> Consider engaging a marking agency with PR experience to help you to manage the publicity for a keynote event or major sales drive. If this is out of your price range, allow plenty of lead time to both plan and promote your event. And bear in mind that you’ll have to do twice as much promotion as you think.


One of the best ways to build your customer base is by partnering with a big name brand, or influencer in your area. These brands and influencers already have a following, and you’ll be able to tap into their loyal fan base. With the right partnerships, you can ensure their fans turn into your customers. In this instance, TRINNY London partnered with Brown Thomas as part of a longer term strategic alliance. Not only did the department store host TRINNY London On Tour: Dublin, it also sells the makeup line through its online store.

=> Who would you like to build a long-term strategic alliance with? What steps could you take to nurture that relationship?

4. PR

As a relatively well-resourced start-up, TRINNY London engages Halpern, one of the UK’s top communications company to manage its campaigns. PR is an overlooked promotional strategy, and is more cost effective than you might think. Getting a press release written and circulated can cost a fraction of advertising.

You can watch Trinny’s breakfast with Irish media HERE.

=> If you’re using an ‘augmented promotion’ strategy to drive rapid results, consider engaging a PR company to support your marketing strategy.


There’s no doubt Trinny Woodall is larger than life, with an exuberant personality and a propensity for high jinks. Her antics at the Dublin press launch were no exception. Within minutes of the Irish press joining her for breakfast, she was demonstrating exactly how she tries on clothes in a changing room without her make-up coming off for a room full of up-held smartphones trying to get a clip of her. This is a natural part of her engaging brand personality, and makes for brilliant Instagram-able moments.

=> I’m not suggesting you jump around your bathroom in a towel like Trinny, although you can if this aligns with your brand. But it is worth thinking about how you can bring a touch of drama to your marketing activities to help your business stand out from the crowd.

I encourage you to check out TRINNY London, and see for yourself how the company is building a global customer base, especially in the run-up to TRINNY London On tour: Stockholm. Not only will you come away with ideas to spice up your marketing, you’ll be hugely entertained as well.

Question: What ideas can you take from this article to build your customer base? I love reading your feedback so please do take a moment to share let me know in the comments box below.


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